QUEEN’S HOCO SURVIVAL GUIDE: 4 Life Hacks for Homecoming 2018

This post was written by the Peer Health Educator Substance Use team (Jenna D’Aurizio, Aryn Lang, Melanie Crasta & Erin Burns)

1. Know where you can get some water or a li’l snack

Homecoming can be a long day! To keep you feeling good throughout the entire day’s festivities, know where you can grab a quick bite to eat and a drink of water. The AMS will be running a water station right outside the ARC at Earl and Aberdeen where you can get yourself or a friend a drink of water…hydration is key! There are also water fountains in most buildings on campus like the ARC, JDUC or Stauffer. If you are looking for something to eat, try CoGro, Tim Horton’s or Pita Pit in the ARC, or Queen’s Pub in the JDUC. Venturing downtown? There are lots of fast, delicious restaurants along Princess.

2. Stick with your friends and don’t leave the house without a planned meeting spot.

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Let’s all take a second to embrace our inner child and listen to Lilo & Stich. They’ve always preached, “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” We all know how hectic the football game and Aberdeen can get when everyone is wearing the same three colours. Also, when thousands of students and alumni join for a day of celebrations the cell service always suffers. After having our fair share of difficulties on Homecoming, one of our top tips is to ensure you have a plan and a meeting spot and time with your friends for the day. Do your best to stay together and look out for one another. Remember, Queen’s is your family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten on Aberdeen!

3. If your homecoming celebrations involve substance use, know how to so more safely.

Stay safe when using substances

Let’s be real: some people want to celebrate HOCO sober, but some people also prefer not to. If you plan on trying a new substance, or a new way of consuming, make sure you’ve read up on the risks, know how much you’re using and how strong your product is. Never use alone. Also avoid mixing – it’s safer to just use one substance at a time than to have the effects of different substances interact and change or intensify each other’s effects. If using cannabis, vaping is the least harmful for your lungs. And remember, if you or a friend need it, the COR on campus has extended hours (and a second site in the Robert Sutherland Room of the JDUC!) for hoco ~but~ only has beds for those who have consumed just alcohol.

4. Discover the true Tricolour spirit and all that HOCO has to offer!

Group of students having fun during homecoming

Homecoming group celebrating

Only after cluelessly walking around University Ave. and Aberdeen did we realize Homecoming weekend is all about celebrating the legacy of Gaels past and present. Come out to celebrate at the Dan School’s showcase concert, Engineers Without Borders pumpkin smash, or the classic Queen’s homecoming football game just to name a few and click here for tons of other fun stuff going on during the weekend)! Want to relive the warm and fuzzy tricolour feels you felt while being tammed? Come rediscover this beautiful, ceremonial tradition. Cha Gheill!

Can’t wait for Queen’s Homecoming 2018? Relive all the fun and memories from last year: