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Health and fitness has emerged as a key influence in our personal and social lives. From what we put into our bodies to choosing what kind of exercise best suits our needs, a subconscious factor has pushed us in this direction: social media.

Social media presents all sorts of messages regarding health and fitness. We are exposed to information such as fitness programs, nutrition and supplement plans, fitness models, emerging brands, etc. We have anything and everything that is health and fitness at our fingertips.

We have access to all this information but, what can we do with it? We know that we want to start or even just enhance our current lifestyles, but how can we accomplish these goals on our own?

Behold, the Fitsta.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is a Fitsta? A Fitsta is an Instagram account solely focused on your own health and fitness. The account aims to convey your health and fitness goals, how you are aiming to create a healthy lifestyle (i.e. posts about food, workouts, etc.), and potentially encouraging others to become passionate about your lifestyle as well. Although there is this fear factor of exposing yourself online (at any level of fitness you may have), there are immense benefits of creating one of these accounts that can mitigate this concern:

1. The account can be made as private/public as you want

There is a sense of overwhelming transparency when developing a fitness account. The major question we tend to ask ourselves is, “What will others think of me?” Our fear of being judged and criticized by others can hold us back from not only using a social media platform, but engaging in fitness activities overall. The best part about having an Instagram account is that you can make it as public or private as you want. You can choose who sees your posts and goals, or you don’t have to let anyone see it at all! On the other hand, if you want to go completely public, go for it! Let the world see your dedication and hard work, especially when it pays off.

2. The account offers support networks

Social media plays an important role in our self-esteem, especially from interacting with others. Whether you know the accounts or not, people love to support one another. You will be surprised at how much people will want to support you. In the rare case, there are people who may not support you. How do you handle it? Simply block them, because you don’t need their negativity.

The social media support networks you create will encourage you to reach your goals and potentially foster connections with new people.

3. The account acts as a motivational tool

Putting yourself out there transpires a sense of accountability. If you tell someone your goals, you are more inclined to achieve them. Social media keeps you motivated, especially when you’re tempted to ‘cheat’ your goals because other people will tell you that your goals are worth it.

4. The account allows you to reap the benefits of having fun and seeing improvements in health at the same time

Having a Fitsta is fun! It encourages you to dive into creativity. People like to see creative workouts, inspirational posts, aesthetically pleasing food, etc. This fun creativity is not just beneficial for posting purposes, but it can actually seep into your lifestyle, making your life more enjoyable overall.

5. The account allows you to track progress

Taking photos and recording your accomplishments are the best markers for progress. The best feeling is to look back and see where you were on day one and compare it to the present moment will show you just how beneficial your lifestyle has been.

6. The account has little to no costs

Instagram is FREE (unless you want to go full send and promote your account)!

7. The account ultimately benefits you and others!

Engaging in this lifestyle overall benefits you, too. Moreover, it also benefits others. Seeing your progress and positive change will inspire other individuals who may have once feared creating an account to start. You have to remember that although you’re focused on being inspired by others, others are actually being inspired by you. Now that’s something you should be proud of.

In essence, don’t be afraid to start a Fitsta because a) it’s in your toolkit, b) it will pay off, and c) you have nothing to lose!


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